Sound advice. 

Know how your song stacks up against the rest. You’re pretty sure your song is good or maybe even great. Give your songs the best chance to thrive and not just survive. Our human and machine learning brainiac analysis engines go to work dissecting any song you feed them. They figure out what is great and what is not so great. But we’re not done there. We’ll help you decide what to tweak to heighten your chances for success. While we’re at it, maybe we can help you pick which song from your upcoming album should be released first. Now you’re excited. We are too.


How do we provide such awesome advice on songs?

Our service looks at all the popular songs and compares yours to theirs. It listens to a whole bunch of elements of your song to give a thumbs up to the great work you did - and it flags potential issues your song may face. You’re being pitted against the world’s best in a sort of winner-takes-all cage match of musical ability. We want to help you come out victorious!