Smarter AI Ransomware: Your 5 Best Chances

Ransomware, like any other attack, is not inevitable if you can stop the attacker at even one step along a kill chain. We look specifically at the 5 steps of a ransomware as an example of how to improve your odds of avoiding a breach. Stewart Cawthray from Thomson Reuters, Allan Liska from Recorded Future, Tim Gallo from FireEye and Birat Niraula from CapitalOne provide lots of great advice!

GDPR impact in Canada and the United States

GDPR is having an impact on organizations in Canada and the US already. New rights for the protection of personal data each create actions that need to be taken to be compliant if an organizations is in anyway collecting, processing or otherwise data from EU subjects. This Cyverity report explains what key rights and actions look like. Moreover it explores the potential for GDPR strength legislation to come to Canada or the United States.

Your container security strategy

Containers like Docker offer new automation awesomeness, portability and predictability. But traditional security tools and ops are only the start of reducing your risks. John Morello from Twistlock, Alfredo Hickman from Rackspace and Kellman Meghu from Sycomp pull the container stack apart to reveal security gaps.

Please read NIST Application Container Security Guide co-authored by John Morello

And read Container Intrusions: Assessing the Efficacy of Intrusion Detection and Analysis Methods for Linux by Alfredo Hickman